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My Approach and Outcomes

Custom approach using coaching, consulting, training and collaboration to shift your mind and open possibilities.

 How you are as a person directly impacts how you are as a business owner. 

Make the decision that you will no longer tolerate not having exactly what you want, being who you want to be, and doing what you want to do. Decide that you are ready to unlock your highest potential for the business and personal success you deserve.   It is time to take action. 

Once we agree that you are ready to begin, as a Pivot TBC coaching client, we will structure the approach specifically for you, using the following steps:

Baseline:    Where are you now and what is not working for you? Knowing where you are is needed as the starting point on which to build.

Vision:     Deep dive into what you want to establish an outcome that you can commit to achieving. It can be one or more goals, often including a series of compounding goals to reach the final outcome.

Explore:    Exploration of what is holding you back. Why has this goal(s) been out of reach?

Action:    Create an action plan to achieve the goal(s). We will develop strategies and action steps that start compounding successes toward the ultimate goal. These interim steps keep the momentum forward and are in addition to quantum leaps.

Monitor: Throughout the coaching relationship, I will hold you accountable for progress and assist in anyway to help you succeed. Adjustments and updates will be developed to keep you on your path forward.

Celebrate:    Each win and every step is celebrated. You are doing it!

I use a combination of tools, including consulting, coaching, and training, as needed, for each interaction.  I bring the full range of knowledge from 30+ years of business experience in all types of work environments. With this approach, we will address you as a person, you as a business owner, and your business - - they are all intertwined.

If you are ready to commit to do the work for your best future, schedule a complimentary informational call to explore options and pivot toward prosperity.  

Meet Libby!

Successful professional. Survivor & Thriver

I've faced every type of small business situation imaginable and am now helping other business owners move through the struggle to find ease in their business.

  • Owned, operated, and disposed of multi-million dollar business

  • Former Federal Contractor, management consultant, commercial real estate expert, marketing & outreach, and licensing - -professional services is my background

  • Executive in large and small businesses

  • Teacher, speaker, author, podcaster - - I communicate!

My one and only goal will be to work with you and strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with processes, profits, and recapture of your time!

Why Work With Me

Set Your Business Up to Succeed

If it's strategy, structure, people, process, or technology, we will figure it out and develop action plans so your business can operate independently of you, grow and be profitable.  Your business ideal is yours for the taking!

Reclaim Your Personal Time

You run the business. It does not run you. Know that you can take off weekends, evenings, and vacations without interruption since you've put the pieces in place to do so. Now you can work on your business to focus on your next step.

Embrace Personal Growth

Personal growth is vital to business growth. Who you were will not serve you as you move closer to your goal. We will adjust your mindset to be an successful small business owner and executive.  

    Work With Libby

    Lets see if we can work together. To Schedule a call:

    Schedule directly: https://calendly.com/libby-coaching

    Fill out this form and we will get in touch with you within one business day.